Reviews from happy haunters

The Ghoul
Mark R.: "Thanks for getting the kit out so quickly, it is just as easy to set up as you describe... As I was testing it out my family thought it was creepy, so I'm sure the rest of the neighborhood will get a kick out of it as well."

The Haunted Tombstones
Dave Lowe: "I think you've just created a project that should be enshrined in the Hall of Great Halloween DIYs. Scratch 'Great,' make that the Hall of HISTORIC Halloween DIYs."

Pumpkinrot: "Some really fantastic projection work here. Such a cool idea."

Terra: "WOW! no, make that TRIPLE WOW!  Seriously - that will be the prop of the season. So inventive, creepy and stunning. Phenomenal."

Stolloween: "Simply brilliant."

Mike C.: "Beautiful work, and I'm proud and happy to own it for my own little haunt!"

In Irons: "This is the most awesome effect and very reasonable in price! Some of the other prop companies should take notice!"

DaveintheGrave: "I think you just showed us the prop of the year!  I like this idea even better than Hallowindow."


CLC1905: "
Hi Mr. Chicken, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that your tombstone projection was the total show stopper I knew it would be this year! We ran it on Halloween for the trick or treaters and we had people stopped in their tracks, 5 people across and 3-4 people deep crowding around to watch it! Parents were sending their kids up to our porch for treats and they'd stop and watch it, the kids would get their treats and be ready to go to the next house and the parents would send their kids off without them so they could continue to stand there and watch!! I've never seen adults that mesmerized by any prop, animatronic, or f/x the way they were by your projection! Our neighbor all the way down the block said that parents were still talking about it by the time they got to her door! Thank you for such a terrific addition to our haunt!!"

Jdubya: "The bar is raised another notch!"

Anonymous: "Hey there Mr. Chicken. I finally got my haunt all set up. We had a big party last night and the reaction was awesome. The Haunted Tombstones had everyone totally amazed. It was 40 degrees outside and people were still standing there just to watch. You sir are amazing and your impact on my haunt is huge. Thanks so much."

John Dods (Makeup Designer for Broadway's Beauty and the Beast): "It’s looking great...  It’s good - especially for a high school production - that you were able to find a way to make the glued down prosthetics unnecessary. Getting the actor out of the glued down pieces quickly so that he can become a handsome prince was quite a challenge when we did the show in New York."

Ballet North: "What a BEAUTIFUL job you did on the Beast Mask.
Ballet North is THRILLED with your work, and YES, he CAN dance in it.  
What I particularly like is that you can also see his face, so facial expressions can be seen, instead of being hidden behind a frozen face.
So, thank you, thank you."

Huntsman Entertainment: "Just received the mask.  It's AMAZING!!!  The paint job is really well done.  Great job and thanks so much for being so accommodating with my timeline.  Much appreciated!"

Central High School, Oregon: "The beast mask itself is ... stunning, and it comes off easily."

Prospect Mountain High School, New Hampshire: "Your mask was everything it was advertised to be. It proved very durable, and its design facilitated our actor's ability to transform from the Beast to the Prince within a matter of seconds... The performer said that it was actually very comfortable (because the hood's material is light; it breathes)... Really, the mask was a great investment! It was worth every penny."

Lynchburg City Schools: "I couldn't be more pleased with the beast mask you've created for us! It is an outstanding piece of work. It fits the young man beautifully and he says it's comfortable. Thank you so very much!!!"