Staring Statues

The statue that looks back at you!

These faux marble statues are actually thin plastic shells. When displayed with the concave side facing your guests, and carefully lit, it creates an optical illusion that makes their heads seem to turn to face you wherever you go.

The trick to lighting these effectively is to mirror the existing lighting in the space. For typical overhead lighting, you can either place lights on the back side above the statues, allowing the light to shine through the plastic, or from below on the viewer's side, which hits the same normal high points. It's best to experiment in your space to see what gives the best effect.

Bartholomew                                                                     Mildred         

Each statue sculpture measures approximately 12" tall. The full size of the plastic around them is 12" x 16", and is easily trimmed with scissors as needed.

Download the Outline Templates to create a blackout border around the 3D bust to make the flat space around it fade away. Black poster board is the easiest way to achieve this.

The statues can be installed on a tombstone, in a mausoleum, or on a shelf. They can even be painted with marble veining, bronze finish, or rock texture (painted busts will work best when lit from the front).

Limited quantity available July 2024

$72 each or $125 for the pair. Free US shipping. International customers should contact me before ordering at

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