Animatronic Raven

Quoth this Raven whatever you want it to.

Build your own servo powered Animatronic Raven!  Watch the video to see it in action.

Available in the Basic Kit with all necessary mechanical and finishing components except the servos, or the Deluxe Kit with servos included.  The new Bare Bones Kit includes only the custom parts (head and body shells, acrylic structures, latex feet, specialty spring), with patterns and parts lists for everything else you need in the Resources link at the bottom of the page. Free shipping in the US (international customers should contact before purchasing at

Basic: $380
Deluxe: $540

Out of Stock for 2023. Sign up for emails below to be aware of the next release in advance.

Recommended servos are Hitec HS-53 x1, HS-425BB x3, HS645MG x1.  These are included in the Deluxe Kit.

IMPORTANT: While the Raven Kits are designed to be easy to build, some basic experience with servo-driven projects is recommended.  Kits do not include a controller or power supply for the raven.  You will need a servo controller to make the raven work. If you do not have a system yet, the simplest solution I can recommend to get your bird moving is the Steve Koci RC Recorder system from Addicore, or the Pololu Mini Maestro.  For more advanced programming and routines, I suggest Visual Show Automation software and a compatible board (such as the SSC-32).  A 6v 5A DC power supply is recommended (but check the specs on your servo controller and the servos).  Because you build the Raven yourself, there is no guarantee or warranty on the kit components.

Kit Contents

Note: new kits will differ slightly from the photos above. See the 2023 Upgrade video below for details.
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Step-by-step how to videos



Resources: Find useful documents related to building your Raven here.