The Ghoul

The Ghoul of Mr. Chicken's Prop Shop.
Available in Pro and DIY Kit versions.

 The Professional versions of the Ghoul are completely self contained (except for a power cord), with the projected face coming from inside the head.  Animatronic head movement optional.  Arrives ready to perform.

The Kit versions are priced for the home haunter's budget, and require your own projector to complete the effect.  The video below explains how it works.

 All Ghouls currently ship with both the "Trick or Treat" themed routine shown above, as well as a dialog-free routine of menacing stares and humorous glances.

The DVD that comes with the kits includes the files playable on a DVD player and .mov files you can access from your computer for playback on media players.

Sold Out for Halloween 2022.
Please Note: The videos are now provided as a download sent to your email, not a DVD.

Get the Kit!

$65 including shipping within the U.S.  International customers should contact before ordering.

Please contact for inquiries about the Pro versions.