Sybil the Clairvoyant

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Sybil the Clairvoyant is the resident disembodied medium of Mr. Chicken's Prop Shop.
She is available in Pro and DIY Kit versions.

Watch your guests become completely mesmerized by this incredible illusion. Sybil conducts a séance that's sure to impress.

See the fully fledged Pro 2.0 version in the video below:

The Professional versions of Sybil are completely self contained (except for a power cord), with the projected face coming from inside the head.  The 2.0 also features animatronic head movement.  She arrives ready to perform.

The Kit versions are priced for the home haunter's budget, and require your own projector to complete the effect.  The video below explains how it works.

Choosing your Sybil:
Sybil Options Chart

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Expect 1-3 weeks before shipment for Kits, and 3-6 weeks for Pro versions.